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Buying my first Gi

Buying my first Gi

 You finally decided to start training BJJ but there comes your first hurdle ! the purchase of your first BJJ Gi.

All those brands, sizes and weaves can be overwhelming indeed, but here is few tips to consider when buying your first GI :


Don't waste your money with a cheap Judo or traditional Jiu-Jitsu Gi ! Judo Gi's are not meant for BJJ as they are usually very thick and baggy also are quite easy to grip.

You will be acclaimed by your peers for your taste in choosing a GI, the first one to acknowledge your GI ,will probably be the instructor with a tap on the shoulder : "Nice Gi Buddy".


Sizes can be super confusing ! A1, A2  ect ... Don't worry ! the size charts are usually quite accurate, use it with the help of a measuring tape and compare it with the measurements of an existing GI.


The  Weaves

Pearl Weave

Pearl Weave Gi Fabric


This is the most commonly used weave  by Gi manufacturers nowadays,The most popular Gi's range from 450 to 550 GSM.Pearl weave is tight woven, coarse, and at times can be super rough, Its light yet very durable,dries fast , This weave particularly durable as it does not get smoother with time.






Single Weave

Single Weave Gi fabricThis weave is light yet durable, great for warm and humid climates, the fabric gets smoother with time which makes harder to grip.


Gold Weave

Gold Weave Gi Fabric

If you started BJJ 15 Years ago, the gold weave was the Go-to Gi for competition, The older gold weave Gi are heavy but very durable ,  it gives your opponent a hard time for gripping as it gets smoother with time.







Ripstop Gi Pants FabricThis fabric is very light but very solid, dont be fooled by the name though, it does rip but in high stress area specifically around the seams when they are one size or two too small.

Cotton Drill

Cotton Drill Gi Fabric





This fabric was the only option for Gi pants before being over throned by the ripstop pants.

It is indeed very solid and heavy but to tend wear out more in the knees area, specifically if you have been drilling shots for a long time.



In BJJ, Gi Colors has no hierarchical meaning , dont hesitate to express yourself ! ! unless your academy requires you to wear the Academy GI.


Ultimately, if you are serious about BJJ , treat yourself with a quality GI that will accompany you throughout your BJJ journey by hopefully sharing your wins in battle ! OSS!





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